Dressed Club founder, Michael Q. Parker was the guest speaker for Right Management Atlanta office clients.

Right Management Overview

“We are global career experts. Established in 1980, we have over 35 years of experience in career management and talent strategy. In that time, we’ve put 40,000 people to work every day, conducted over 12 million interviews per year and successfully transitioned more than three million people into new roles.”  (Source: Right Management website)

Presentation Backdrop

Michael’s presentation, “How To Look When You’re Looking” provides insights into the mindset of both hiring managers and job seekers.  The presentation’s goal is to assist job seekers in realizing the impact appearance has on their success.

At Dressed Club we believe everyone’s professional appearance is the result of four attributes: clothing, grooming, health and body language.  We believe these four attributes create each person’s “Professional Appearance Rating” or “PAR”.  Our goal is to help everyone increase their PAR.

At the end of each presentation, Michael allows time for Q&A.  Here are some questions and answers from the session…

Should a woman button her jacket when standing?

MQP: I encourage men to always button their jackets when standing.  A buttoned jacket creates a neater contour and allows the clothes to frame the body more neatly.  The rule of thumb for men is to button only the top button on a 2-button jacket.  When wearing a 3-button jacket, actually…don’t do that.

For ladies, it’s not as simple.  For ladies, some jackets are meant to be buttoned.  Like those with a belt. In that case, wear the jacket buttoned.  A simple rule of thumb is if the jacket fits nicely when buttoned, i.e. there is not pulling around the mid-section, then, by all means, button the jacket. If there is pulling and tugging around the mid-section, don’t button and it may be time to replace that jacket for a larger size.

Is it ok to wear my cross necklace to an interview?

MQP: Jewelry is a form of self-expression.  It says as much about the individual as their words.  When it comes to expressions of religion, and politics, in the workplace, those need to be carefully considered. In my opinion, wearing expressions of religious preference, like a cross, is purely a personal choice.  Depending on the company culture, a cross may be a completely comfortable form of expression or it may not be looked on favorably.

However, each person needs to make that choice for themselves.  If expressing your religion is important, you should wear your cross.  If you feel that this display will not be acceptable in that work environment, it’s probably a good sign that this is not a good cultural fit for you anyway.

Since I’m a shorter man I always struggle with patterns in my shirt.  Should shorter men wear stripes or solid shirts?

MQP: Being “vertically challenged” myself, I definitely relate to this question!

Vertical lines draw the eye up and down, which causes the eye to take in more height than width.  Horizontal lines, on the other hand, draw the eye side to side, causing the eye to take in more width and less height.  Horizontal lines should especially be avoided for shorter men who are also carrying a few extra pounds.  This creates a double whammy of depressing your height and increasing your weight.

When choosing shirts, pants or sport coats with lines, opt for vertical lines.  Pinstripes are a good example of vertical lines.

I’m an introvert so I find it hard to be expressive.  How can someone with my laid back personality express energy?

MQP: We often times confuse energy with speech.  However, energy is conveyed by being interested and most effectively expressed using body language.

A few ways to express energy include leaning forward, smiling, sitting/standing tall and upright, and using your hand gestures when talking. Be careful with the hand gestures. You can overdo them making them appear fake and staged.  Use them but make it natural for you.

All of these things can express energy even for someone who is quieter and more reserved.


Dressed Club is a member-based appearance advisory service.  Our Professional Appearance Advisers provide affordable, expert coaching in the areas of clothing, grooming, health and body language.  Dressed Club members make memorable impressions so they don’t miss opportunities.

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