8 Job Interview Appearance Tips For Young Women

The final hurdle in the interview process is the face-to-face or “visual” interview. Judgments are based on interviewees 1) clothing, 2) grooming, 3) body condition, and 4) body language.  These four things comprise a Professional Appearance Rating (PAR). Use these … Read More

Right Management Q&A (Fall, 2018)

Dressed Club founder, Michael Q. Parker was the guest speaker for Right Management Atlanta office clients. Right Management Overview “We are global career experts. Established in 1980, we have over 35 years of experience in career management and talent strategy. … Read More

7 Appearance Tips For Successful Interviews

The biggest hurdle in the job search process is the interview. To be more specific, it’s the face-to-face interview. I have heard of a few, but not many people, who have secured a job offer without a face-to-face. (Most employers … Read More

Five Clothing Styles Every Man Should Know

Ron was invited to a formal dinner.  The invitation indicated “formal attire required.”  Ron’s wife asked, “does that mean Ron has to wear a tuxedo?”  My answer: “absolutely!”  As we talked further it became apparent that neither Ron nor his … Read More

What To Wear…When “Vertically Challenged” aka Short

The average height for US men is 5’9″.  So let’s say the “average range” is between 5’9″ and 6’1″.  Being shorter, or taller, than average can be a challenge.  But let’s focus on the challenges of being shorter. Numerous studies … Read More

Do You Dress Like A Boomer?

I was asked “Can you provide any advice on how Boomers can look more up-to-date?  I am working with Millennials and Gen Xers.  I want to fit in better and not appear old!”  That’s a great point and very timely! … Read More

Seven appearance pitfalls made by young male job seekers

I love speaking to young job seekers!  Although they sometimes have the reputation of being “know it all’s”, when it comes to job searching, they have a strong tendency to listen.  It’s interesting because I assume many of them have … Read More